What do we call sauces? Sauce this is a liquid with a set of seasoning, thicker than gravy. Sauces are able to give piquancy to the dish flavor and impressive taste, to increase its nutritional value and whet the appetite. Besides you can use one ingredient and may prepare various sauces according to your taste. Each sauce is made up of two parts - basic and additional (flavor). The first part includes a liquid (meat, vegetable or fish broth or cream and milk), vegetable oil or butter, flour and eggs. The basic cooking time for this part is about 80-90%. Don't use too much flour with a liquid because the sauce will be rough, but if you use a larger number of eggs and oil or butter it will be delicious sauce.

The second part of sauce consists of various additives - flavors, aromatics and colorants. The main seasonings are the horseradish, mustard, tomato paste, mashed apples, fruits, plums tkemali. The main spices include garlic, pepper (black and red), dill and parsley, nutmeg, ginger, marjoram etc. For sauces are also often used mushrooms, olives, onions, capers, wine, lemon juice.

As to the mixture, the sauce must be aromatic, sweet, viscid and homogenous, without lumps and clots. To avoid scum on the surface of the sauce you must put down pieces of butter on the surface. Or you can skim and filter the sauce.

The color of sauces can be light and dark (white and red), and the temperature of hot and cold. If you want to give a specific color you can use the carrot or tomato juice, orange peel or dried lemon peel, mushroom broth, various herbs. Hot sauce recipe based on fish, meat and mushroom broth. Milk, egg-oily and cream sauces also refer to the hot sauces. Cold sauces are a well-known mayonnaise, various salad dressings, sauces based on fruit and berries.

Usually cold sauces served with a cold collation, hot - to the hot dish and sweet sauces - to the sweet. Insipid dishes usually served with piquant sauces and to the dishes with a specific taste - white (milk or cream) to mitigate the taste of food, reduce a strong smell.

If yo'll follow these simple rules you will prepare the most delicate sauce in the world.