The rhythm of modern live is so hectic and intense, that one should manage time carefully. New age offers so many possibilities, that no one is willing to waste his or her time on cooking. It does not seem to be real much of a problem, since there are countless cafes and restaurants, with great choice of fast food of whatever cuisine one can imagine. Yet it is not for nothing, that fast food is also referred to as junk food. Staying fit and healthy without busying oneself with food preparation can be real pain in the neck (if not the stomach).

It is obvious, that if you want something to be done well, you should do it yourself. It is also no secret, that the most ingenious ideas are also the simplest ones. These hold true for this case as well.

To spend less time on cooking you may consider something easy and basic. And what can you possibly imagine, that would be more basic, than ordinary sandwich?

Sandwich sounds somewhat unsophisticated and plain, dull and uninteresting. And still there is plenty of potential in its simplicity. Being actually two slices of bread with some sort of filling (which can be made of one or multiple different products) in between of them, this minimal excuse for a dish hides amazing diversity and versatility. Due to the fact, that there is no recipe which could be considered "original" or "traditional", the number of possible variants is limited only by resources of your own imagination. And, depending upon the ingredients you use, it can be almost effortlessly converted into a solid meal or a quick snack, a main course or dessert, something plain and modest or an exquisite delicacy. Simplicity also gives you as much freedom for experiment, as you desire, giving you an opportunity to become an artist without contributing too much labour in it. Try out all possible combinations and make your own menu of sandwiches!