Today, when people hear the word "salad" they imagine the dish which consists of various ingredients such as: cooked and fresh vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, beans, potatoes, eggs, cucumbers, cheese etc., which are mixed or arranged in layers and dressed with various sauces or if you like you can use vegetable or olive oil or mayonnaise or just vinegar. Usually, salads serve with traditional mayonnaise, but if you prefer an oil, than it is better to take an olive oil, that is very good for your health. In other words, the salad is a mixture of some cold products mixed and seasoned according to the recipe and you taste.

However, the salad initially was made only from plant foods such as green leaves which were growing in the gardens. The first salad recipe originates from ancient Rome, includes ingredients such as onions, parsley and endive. Endive is a type of a plant with crisp bitter leaves that is eaten in salads. Traditionally this mixture seasoned just with salt and pepper, sometimes honey. After a while, salads appeared in France, where they were spicy and original dish served only to roast meat. A little later, French chefs have decided to add to the salads various vegetables. Thanks to their courage we can find in salads cabbage, peppers, celery, cucumber and asparagus.

Only in the 19th century salad recipes became include other root vegetables. In addition, some chefs decided to complicate the composition of ingredients and salad dressing. Hence, people became dress the salad with a variety of sauces, including the famous mayonnaise. Typically, vegetables which were growing in soil used in salads only boiled.

Today, there are hundreds of different recipes for salads, from the simplest one which consists of 2 or 3 components to the most complex (puff, exotic cocktails). Besides, you can mix different ingredients for you favourite salad, or and you can lay the salad in layers. One of the types of salads is so-called hot salads.

The main advantage of salads is that they can be quickly prepared. In addition, there is no need to warm salads before you serve them to the table, and their components contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals which is necessary for every person. Perhaps each housewife has her own recipe of a brand salad.