Pie is a hearty dish which will be relevant both during dinner among family members and more solemn event. Pies cooked at home are irreplaceable treat of a family feast. There is a huge variety of pie recipes: with meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, sweet filling - for every taste and preference. Most frequently pies are cooked of one kind of meat or fish but it`s possible to combine several ingredients and a pie will taste more delicious. As a rule, filling for pies is perishable food products. For that reason it should be cooked namely before baking a pie. Filling must be tasty and rich. Taste of filling depends not only on choice of products but also way of cooking. Thus, fried meat and fish are tastier than boiled. Pies present in cuisine of every nationality. Dough for pie can be yeast-containing (sweet or usual), biscuit or flaky. Pies can be opened, closed or semi-open.

Not every housewife can cook really tasty pies using yeast-containing dough even if she perfectly knows how to cook other dishes. It can happen that you manage to cook any dish except pastries. What is more, occasionally some people don`t manage to cook even common pancakes when they would like to taste home-baked products. Fortunately there are numerous semi-finished products including frozen dough that can be diverse. Such dough is an excellent helper of housewife in the kitchen. It allows to save time for baking and eliminates the need to be involved in troublesome cooking dough. Following recipe is not necessary as baking suggests numerous small secrets which are well known only among real experts in cooking pies.

It`s necessary to pay special attention to choosing yeast - if you add fusty yeast to a pie baking will be unsuccessful. The main condition of cooking any pie is puffy dough. For this purpose it`s necessary to sift flour - it will be enriched with oxygen. When kneading dough it`s advisable to use only warm food products or products of room temperature in order to prevent slowing of dough rising.

Pies cooked with adding milk will become tasty and flavorous. It`s better to reduce quantity of vanillin and soda than add excessive quantity. Abundance of soda will make a pie darker and cause unpleasant smell. It`s necessary to punch dough only with dry hands. Dough will be more crumbly if you put only yolks into a pie. In order to make lower part of a pie dry it`s necessary to sprinkle it with starch and only then put filling. Predough shouldn`t be left more than for three hours. Make sure that there are no draughts in accommodation. Otherwise a pie will be covered with very dense crust. It`s advisable to bake pies on a baking tray over a medium heat - then filling won`t dry up.

In order to make crust of a pie shiny and golden brown it`s necessary to cover it with egg white.