Soup - is a necessary part of any wholesome food. Tasty soup can not only raise the mood, but to add strength, warm in the cold season or refresh in hot weather. Soup is a great solution in a busy day and a good sign of love and care for relatives. Thanks to the first dish you can easily feed the whole family with a tasty and healthy food, and even save some money.

In world practice, there are about one hundred and fifty soups, which subdivided into thousands of varieties. Almost every soup has a unique history and can be proud of its origins. In particular, the onion soup is obliged to Louis XV, who once at night wanted to eat. But in the house was only onions, butter and champagne, which was the basis for this soup. Traditional gazpacho was originally a usual drover's food that could quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger at the same time. Only than gazpacho gained huge popularity all over the world.

Soups all over the world were divided into different groups according to their ingredients. For example, a common soup can be rich or poor, which depend on the products from which the soup is preparing. In practice, you can find different recipes of soups, which are significantly distinguish from the traditional idea of the soup. Sometimes you add all that you can take in the fridge, but as a result the soup is very thick. So, before you are going to prepare a special soup for a special person, choose the best and the most important ingredients.

It has long been known that soups are the key and the basis of healthy diet. People often debate about wholesome properties of one or another product, but you have to remember, that many of them are absolutely necessary for the human body and good health. In particular, it relates to first course - soups, because they have only all necessary vitamins for any person.

There are many recipes for soups: soup with meet, soup with chicken, vegetarian soup, cold soup, chicken broth, beef stock etc. Very tasty and healthy is vegetarian soup. Perhaps there is no need to list all of them. Our site contains various recipes of soups, and you can find the most delicious soup for you and your family to surprise them.


Our life is impossible without food, especially without light snacks. Snacks help us to survive in this world. It is often happen that when it is lunch-time we are at work, school, university or just shopping. As we know, it is necessary to eat wherever you are. What to eat and where? These questions worried all of us. Different person solve this problem in a different way. School children have their snacks at the canteen of their school, students take their snacks from home, workers eat snacks at their offices and businessmen prefer to have their snacks at a café or at a restaurant.

Hundred years ago snacks were terrible - overcooked meat or vegetables, boring sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. But time changed and now you have a great variety of delicious snack food. You can find an excellent food in Italian, French, Indian, Thai restaurants.

There are a lot of different types of snacks and it is your task to choose the best snack for you. The most delicious snacks are: bagel with cream cheese; toast or bread with butter or jam; potato or cheese, or corn chips and tortilla chips; a cold prepared cheese snack; crackers; biscuits and cookies; popcorn; doughnuts; instant noodles; dried fruits; yogurt; tortilla with a filling; muffins; jerky; papadum; nachos; pita bread; pork rinds or pork pie; falafel; pretzels; rice crackers or rice cake; sandwich; samosa; shortbread; smoked salmon; tasty teacake; etc.

A growing number of children like prefer to eat: potato or cheese chips, corn or tortilla chips; crackers; biscuits and cookies; popcorn; etc.

Very popular among teens are: bagel with cream cheese; cheese snack; doughnuts; yogurt; sandwich; samosa and other snacks.

An adult prefer to eat more nutritious food, such as: toast or bread with butter or jam; instant noodles; dried fruits; muffins; jerky; nachos; pork rinds or pork pie; falafel; smoked salmon and all like that.

As you work harder and have less time to eat, you have to find time to have a snack in anyway. Snack plays an important role in your life and is necessary for you to be happy.