The world of today enjoys a mind boggling range of drinking products which can indulge almost everyone and suit almost every occasion, and it doesn't concern alcoholic beverages solely. Alcohol-free drinks (especially cocktails) became a part of a day-to-day life of many people caring for their health and body as well as a good addition to any kind of celebration.

A great deal of such cocktails has a rich historical background and close connection to America, such as Maraschino Cherry Cocktail and Mint Julep. Obviously, you have a free hand on creating non-alcoholic versions of traditionally alcoholic cocktails. It appears to be a perfect way to bypass spirit consumption and extract the maximum of nutritional value from a wide variety of fresh fruits and herbs.

Probably it's not quite possible to draft an exhaustive list of drinks, because recipes and local preferences may vary from one state to another, we just want you to bear in mind that not only contents can differ, but also a temperature of your drink, for example see Apple spiced pie cider, Pepper mint hot chocolate. Seemingly, the contemporary ever expanding market offering diverse products for consumers in supermarkets and groceries, makes it even easier to get a soft drink of your own. So you have to know something about the ingredients and diverse range of drinkware which help to make the overall process of preparing your beverage easier and more comfortable. Both the utensils and ingredients are usually universal for alcoholic and soft drinks.

Ingredients are numerous, they may incorporate fresh fruits, crushed ice, pineapple, lemon, and raspberry syrups, ginger, mint, apple and peach ciders, lemon peels, egg whites and so forth.

There are several basic wares you better have at hand: a cocktail shaker - a tall container used to thoroughly blend the ingredients; manual ice crusher to produce small pieces of ice from larger cubes; a sieve or sifter to separate solids from liquid; a stirrer - an elongated spoon to thoroughly stir the ingredients. Some of the beverages shall be served stirred, and not shaken; and finally - manual or electric juicer. It is recommended that you have a fresh juice from the fruits of the season. If you buy the juice, it's preferable to get the one that is frozen and doesn't contain sugar.

Nonetheless, we can't underestimate the role of alcoholic beverages which accompany a great deal of occasions and, if consumed moderately in a social environment, can be regarded as a truly beneficial thing for both body and soul. It doesn't seem unusual that many marriage proposals, business deal discussions and friendly conversations have taken place for the past centuries over a drink or two in a bar or at home, in a cozy atmosphere.

Wine, ciders, beers, vodka, tequila, rum, brandy and whiskey are produced in large amounts today and manufactured according to many varying recipes and procedures, making up a fabulous diversity of brands and styles. Almost each of them can be used for preparing your favorite alcoholic mixed drink. Some alcoholic cocktails derive from folk medicine of the past, such as different variations of bitters, see for example - Peychaud's Bitters.

Alcoholic drinks usually feature the same additional ingredients regularly used in hangover-free types of beverages. They can vary in size and taste: some of them are served in a single shot, some are offered with a liquid being lit up. Lots of drinks are made intentionally overly sweetened or sour, such as Singapore Sling and Margarita. We do not intend to present the whole list of alcoholic cocktails and drinks here, but here are some to catch your fancy: Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Hurricane, Royal Bermuda Cocktail, and Aviation.

There is still much to be said about features pertaining to the industry of drinks production and ever shifting trends in consumption, contents and making of mixed drinks, but this information will be enough for anyone who is about to start making drinks of his or her own. The crucial thing is that you don't have to abide certain rules, you are free to improvise and make new discoveries in this vast field!