What can feast your eyes and warm your soul? What can cheer you up when you are blue? What do you always need for special occasions? The answer is a cake - the one and only. But the store bought cake is like a little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead: When it is good, it is good indeed, and when it is bad, it is horrible. So why leave the baking in someone else's hands if you can take a challenge and make your own cake that tastes delicious and looks gorgeous. More over it is tried and true and does not require a leap of faith. You can make a carrot cake which is considered by many to be the most favorite one. It is clearly the simplest and yummiest cake to treat your kids and family during the weekend. Although if you want to win somebody's heart, you will need something grand like the red velvet cake. It is perfectly moist and soft with a slight tang and not overly sweet, just so tempting. Those two cakes are the traditional ones, however nowadays we are offered hundreds of recipes to choose from. If you are busy as a bee and have just a little free time you can always rely on browny. This is an ultimate choice for a party or a picnic. How about a cheese cake (which has even no-cook version) - with a creamy top and buttery biscuit, who can resist such dessert? If you are afraid of endless recipe you can try to bake a muffin. It is easy and handy in many unexpected situations. There are even flourless cakes for those who count calories. These are incredibly light. You can use fruits and jelly on a base: on one hand it is tasty, on the other hand it looks colorful and appetizing.

Most people have a sweet tooth, so without doubt you will please your family, your guests, your loved ones and even your neighbors with a homemade cake. And to be honest, most of them are a piece of cake to make. It is more important to create your masterpieces with love and imagination.