Isn't it nice to hear the subtle aroma of home baking while coming home after work or visiting friends? And this is such unparalleled luxury when pieces of scrumptious pastry just melt in your mouth like ice cream on a hot day. Indeed American cookery is spicy mixture of different dishes from almost all over the world. With all that America has formed its own unique recipes. And this is how to add the American flavour in your home.

Let's start from donuts, truly classic American national dish. They are like a cult used even when shooting advertising, music videos and movies. What is more, even computer games are written about them.

One of the most popular desserts in the world, brownie, was invented in 1893 at the kitchen at the legendary Palmer House in Chicago. This cake is baked there still on the original recipe, topped with apricot glaze. Prepared at home, however, brownie has an amazing sugar crust, so glazing it would be a crime. Traditional brownie has vanilla flavour, crisp and moist middle.

We cannot forget muffins, American small rolls (not to be confused with cupcakes). They can be served hot, cold, warm, with butter and without. They taste best at the day of cooking. Outwardly, they look like cupcakes, but if it is rather a cake in miniature design, the muffins are more bread. They are delicious for breakfast.

Next pastry is one of the most popular dishes of American films. Just watching the main character eating it makes mouth water... Guessed? Pancakes! This delectable thing which is abundantly watered by maple syrup and sprinkled with berries is almost a symbol of America. They are ideal for Sunday morning and not just on Sunday.

Finally, the first place! Drum roll! The most widespread American pastry is an apple pie. It is classic of American cookery that gave birth to the saying "As American as apple pie". According to cookery books, traditional recipe is from Virginia. Once the bases for pies were bread crumbs, fluffy egg dough flavored with maple syrup. At various times, the cake was called Apple Jonathan, Yankee Apple John, Apple Betty, and Apple Pandowdy. One thing remains unchanged; it is the love of apple pastries. Certainly with cinnamon.

Cook all these dishes are not difficult. But the advantages of the cooking can be seen with the naked eye: Delicious. Handmade. Purely American.