Nowadays, any holiday can't be without the traditional appetizers. The main task of snacks is to whet your appetite before the main meal. It has long been known that a good appetite aids an excellent digestion. That's why appetizers play such an important role in our life. Usually appetizers served to the table before the main dish, that's why you should not do them very nourishing.

There are great number recipes of appetizers. Classic American appetizers are very popular nowadays, so the most popular of them are: deviled eggs, chicken garlic bites, sausage balls, baked potato skins, cranberry feta pinwheels, mini tacos, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, jalapeño bites, baked zucchini, mini pigs in a blanket, spinach pinwheel, crab rangoon, mozzarella sticks, onion roll, egg rolls, spinach balls, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, fish and crescent rolls, BLT bites, onion brie, cucumber and cream cheese appetizers, roasted garbanzo beans/chickpeas, portabella pizzettas and others.

The abundance of recipes for appetizers gives every housewife the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and cook on holiday and weekday different appetizers to any taste. Nevertheless, it is worth to notice that more and more people prefer not to cook at home but go and eat out in different restaurants and cafes where they can choose any appetizer.

Nowadays, appetizers are perceived as a compulsory accompaniment to alcoholic drinks. And when we mention the festive table they are considered to be a necessary attribute to the main dish. Usually, light snacks are served to alcoholic beverages. In this case, the appetizers even include the usual pieces of sausage and cheese. Appetizers can be hot and cold. Hot appetizers are preparing quite interesting and unusual and can beautifully decorate your holiday table. In addition to that, you have to remember, that the basis of tasty and healthy appetizers is in fresh and healthy products.