Main Dishes

In culinary main dishes are the most common kind that allows to both satisfy hunger and decorate a festive table during celebration. Various culinary recipes based on widespread ingredients are used for cooking such dishes. Mostly main dishes are cooked from meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables and poultry as well. Differences of main dishes can consist not only in used products but also in the way of cooking.

Main dishes ingredients can be boiled or roasted, grilled or steamed. Cookery specialists and housewives can cook a wide variety of dishes from the same food products. Imagination and diverse seasoning afford an opportunity to show culinary gift and surprise not only guests on their arrival but also your own family members.

Most commonly main dishes comprise such high-protein products ensuring a feeling of satiety as meat or fish which are major suppliers of protein. They also include minerals, high in iron and active proteins.

Meat products, fish and vegetables perfectly harmonize with herbs garnishing main dishes, adding special flavor and providing you with essential vitamins.

The most popular vegetables used in main dishes cooking are potatoes and cabbage, eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper and fresh cucumbers. Vegetables ideally match dishes cooked of meat or chicken, fish and lamb, mushrooms or poultry. They can be roasted and steamed, boiled and cooked in the oven. In case of using them as a garden sauce culinary airy dreams can widely differ.

Frequently vegetables are used with seafood,therefore such dishes essentially increase variety of main dishes. According to recommendations of cookery specialists the best way to preserve useful properties of vegetables is boiling. Nevertheless, commonly vegetables acquire significant shades of flavor while roasting. Adding of various spices allows to cook the tastiest main dishes.