Dessert is a French word that derives from the verb meaning «to ñlean up the table» because everything should be removed before serving desserts. The main purpose of dessert is feeling pleasure while eating. Surely everybody loves sweets. A real epoch of desserts started in XVIII century when production of sugar considerably increased in Europe. In XIX century confectioners managed to create incredible variety of desserts thanks to appearing chocolate.

There is a great variety of desserts: ice-cream, fruit salads, whipped cream with berries or fruits, puddings, cheesecakes, mousses, jelly and various combinations of them - it`s difficult to count all desserts. Besides, dessert can be cold or hot. Hot or warm desserts can be some puddings, baked fruits or soufflé. Hot desserts present individual dishes which can differ in composition, way of cooking and nutritional value.

Cheesecake enjoys great popularity in USA and presents iconic dish. All recipes of this dish are characterized by easiness of cooking whereas necessary ingredients can be bought in any supermarket. As a rule, cheesecakes contain cheese or quark and such products as fruits, eggs, sweets, vanilla, chocolate and others. The general principle of cooking cheesecake is placing sweet cheesy mixture on the layer of grated biscuit or crackers. Dessert should be memorable as it is peculiar final dish of a festive meal. For that reason it is customary to serve desserts in special tableware - small vases, dessert bowls or plates. This dinnerware is complemented with special dessert spoon which presents something between spoon for soup and tea spoon. There is also a special knife and fork for serving a table.

If you think that only professional can cook desserts you are wrong. It`s possible to find numerous simple recipes in Internet if you are a novice in cooking. If you don`t have enough time and want to cook a dessert quickly not time-consuming recipes will help you out. People keeping up with a diet can choose low-calorie desserts. It`s advisable to use imagination while cooking. Drinks also can be served as desserts: for example, wine or liquors and soft drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea or cocktail. Carbonated drinks are cooked on the basis of sugar syrup, food grade dyes, edible grade acids, food flavourings or mixtures of grape wine, fruit juices and others. The most famous dessert drinks are cream soda and cruchon. It`s necessary to mention alcoholic cruchon consisting of combination of wine, liquor or syrup, fruit juices and various fizzy drinks. Cream soda is cooked of food flavouring that adds vanilla-cream taste. In contrast to other dessert fizzy drinks cream soda doesn`t contain wine and fruit juice. The majority of dessert drinks are cooked by means of blending.

Desserts have never been intended for satiety. Quite the opposite, they were primarily aimed at removing feeling of heaviness in stomach after large meal. For that reason fruits and refreshing beverages presented initial variants of desserts.


Pie is a hearty dish which will be relevant both during dinner among family members and more solemn event. Pies cooked at home are irreplaceable treat of a family feast. There is a huge variety of pie recipes: with meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, sweet filling - for every taste and preference. Most frequently pies are cooked of one kind of meat or fish but it`s possible to combine several ingredients and a pie will taste more delicious. As a rule, filling for pies is perishable food products. For that reason it should be cooked namely before baking a pie. Filling must be tasty and rich. Taste of filling depends not only on choice of products but also way of cooking. Thus, fried meat and fish are tastier than boiled. Pies present in cuisine of every nationality. Dough for pie can be yeast-containing (sweet or usual), biscuit or flaky. Pies can be opened, closed or semi-open.

Not every housewife can cook really tasty pies using yeast-containing dough even if she perfectly knows how to cook other dishes. It can happen that you manage to cook any dish except pastries. What is more, occasionally some people don`t manage to cook even common pancakes when they would like to taste home-baked products. Fortunately there are numerous semi-finished products including frozen dough that can be diverse. Such dough is an excellent helper of housewife in the kitchen. It allows to save time for baking and eliminates the need to be involved in troublesome cooking dough. Following recipe is not necessary as baking suggests numerous small secrets which are well known only among real experts in cooking pies.

It`s necessary to pay special attention to choosing yeast - if you add fusty yeast to a pie baking will be unsuccessful. The main condition of cooking any pie is puffy dough. For this purpose it`s necessary to sift flour - it will be enriched with oxygen. When kneading dough it`s advisable to use only warm food products or products of room temperature in order to prevent slowing of dough rising.

Pies cooked with adding milk will become tasty and flavorous. It`s better to reduce quantity of vanillin and soda than add excessive quantity. Abundance of soda will make a pie darker and cause unpleasant smell. It`s necessary to punch dough only with dry hands. Dough will be more crumbly if you put only yolks into a pie. In order to make lower part of a pie dry it`s necessary to sprinkle it with starch and only then put filling. Predough shouldn`t be left more than for three hours. Make sure that there are no draughts in accommodation. Otherwise a pie will be covered with very dense crust. It`s advisable to bake pies on a baking tray over a medium heat - then filling won`t dry up.

In order to make crust of a pie shiny and golden brown it`s necessary to cover it with egg white.


Isn't it nice to hear the subtle aroma of home baking while coming home after work or visiting friends? And this is such unparalleled luxury when pieces of scrumptious pastry just melt in your mouth like ice cream on a hot day. Indeed American cookery is spicy mixture of different dishes from almost all over the world. With all that America has formed its own unique recipes. And this is how to add the American flavour in your home.

Let's start from donuts, truly classic American national dish. They are like a cult used even when shooting advertising, music videos and movies. What is more, even computer games are written about them.

One of the most popular desserts in the world, brownie, was invented in 1893 at the kitchen at the legendary Palmer House in Chicago. This cake is baked there still on the original recipe, topped with apricot glaze. Prepared at home, however, brownie has an amazing sugar crust, so glazing it would be a crime. Traditional brownie has vanilla flavour, crisp and moist middle.

We cannot forget muffins, American small rolls (not to be confused with cupcakes). They can be served hot, cold, warm, with butter and without. They taste best at the day of cooking. Outwardly, they look like cupcakes, but if it is rather a cake in miniature design, the muffins are more bread. They are delicious for breakfast.

Next pastry is one of the most popular dishes of American films. Just watching the main character eating it makes mouth water... Guessed? Pancakes! This delectable thing which is abundantly watered by maple syrup and sprinkled with berries is almost a symbol of America. They are ideal for Sunday morning and not just on Sunday.

Finally, the first place! Drum roll! The most widespread American pastry is an apple pie. It is classic of American cookery that gave birth to the saying "As American as apple pie". According to cookery books, traditional recipe is from Virginia. Once the bases for pies were bread crumbs, fluffy egg dough flavored with maple syrup. At various times, the cake was called Apple Jonathan, Yankee Apple John, Apple Betty, and Apple Pandowdy. One thing remains unchanged; it is the love of apple pastries. Certainly with cinnamon.

Cook all these dishes are not difficult. But the advantages of the cooking can be seen with the naked eye: Delicious. Handmade. Purely American.


The world of today enjoys a mind boggling range of drinking products which can indulge almost everyone and suit almost every occasion, and it doesn't concern alcoholic beverages solely. Alcohol-free drinks (especially cocktails) became a part of a day-to-day life of many people caring for their health and body as well as a good addition to any kind of celebration.

A great deal of such cocktails has a rich historical background and close connection to America, such as Maraschino Cherry Cocktail and Mint Julep. Obviously, you have a free hand on creating non-alcoholic versions of traditionally alcoholic cocktails. It appears to be a perfect way to bypass spirit consumption and extract the maximum of nutritional value from a wide variety of fresh fruits and herbs.

Probably it's not quite possible to draft an exhaustive list of drinks, because recipes and local preferences may vary from one state to another, we just want you to bear in mind that not only contents can differ, but also a temperature of your drink, for example see Apple spiced pie cider, Pepper mint hot chocolate. Seemingly, the contemporary ever expanding market offering diverse products for consumers in supermarkets and groceries, makes it even easier to get a soft drink of your own. So you have to know something about the ingredients and diverse range of drinkware which help to make the overall process of preparing your beverage easier and more comfortable. Both the utensils and ingredients are usually universal for alcoholic and soft drinks.

Ingredients are numerous, they may incorporate fresh fruits, crushed ice, pineapple, lemon, and raspberry syrups, ginger, mint, apple and peach ciders, lemon peels, egg whites and so forth.

There are several basic wares you better have at hand: a cocktail shaker - a tall container used to thoroughly blend the ingredients; manual ice crusher to produce small pieces of ice from larger cubes; a sieve or sifter to separate solids from liquid; a stirrer - an elongated spoon to thoroughly stir the ingredients. Some of the beverages shall be served stirred, and not shaken; and finally - manual or electric juicer. It is recommended that you have a fresh juice from the fruits of the season. If you buy the juice, it's preferable to get the one that is frozen and doesn't contain sugar.

Nonetheless, we can't underestimate the role of alcoholic beverages which accompany a great deal of occasions and, if consumed moderately in a social environment, can be regarded as a truly beneficial thing for both body and soul. It doesn't seem unusual that many marriage proposals, business deal discussions and friendly conversations have taken place for the past centuries over a drink or two in a bar or at home, in a cozy atmosphere.

Wine, ciders, beers, vodka, tequila, rum, brandy and whiskey are produced in large amounts today and manufactured according to many varying recipes and procedures, making up a fabulous diversity of brands and styles. Almost each of them can be used for preparing your favorite alcoholic mixed drink. Some alcoholic cocktails derive from folk medicine of the past, such as different variations of bitters, see for example - Peychaud's Bitters.

Alcoholic drinks usually feature the same additional ingredients regularly used in hangover-free types of beverages. They can vary in size and taste: some of them are served in a single shot, some are offered with a liquid being lit up. Lots of drinks are made intentionally overly sweetened or sour, such as Singapore Sling and Margarita. We do not intend to present the whole list of alcoholic cocktails and drinks here, but here are some to catch your fancy: Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Hurricane, Royal Bermuda Cocktail, and Aviation.

There is still much to be said about features pertaining to the industry of drinks production and ever shifting trends in consumption, contents and making of mixed drinks, but this information will be enough for anyone who is about to start making drinks of his or her own. The crucial thing is that you don't have to abide certain rules, you are free to improvise and make new discoveries in this vast field!

Main Dishes

In culinary main dishes are the most common kind that allows to both satisfy hunger and decorate a festive table during celebration. Various culinary recipes based on widespread ingredients are used for cooking such dishes. Mostly main dishes are cooked from meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables and poultry as well. Differences of main dishes can consist not only in used products but also in the way of cooking.

Main dishes ingredients can be boiled or roasted, grilled or steamed. Cookery specialists and housewives can cook a wide variety of dishes from the same food products. Imagination and diverse seasoning afford an opportunity to show culinary gift and surprise not only guests on their arrival but also your own family members.

Most commonly main dishes comprise such high-protein products ensuring a feeling of satiety as meat or fish which are major suppliers of protein. They also include minerals, high in iron and active proteins.

Meat products, fish and vegetables perfectly harmonize with herbs garnishing main dishes, adding special flavor and providing you with essential vitamins.

The most popular vegetables used in main dishes cooking are potatoes and cabbage, eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper and fresh cucumbers. Vegetables ideally match dishes cooked of meat or chicken, fish and lamb, mushrooms or poultry. They can be roasted and steamed, boiled and cooked in the oven. In case of using them as a garden sauce culinary airy dreams can widely differ.

Frequently vegetables are used with seafood,therefore such dishes essentially increase variety of main dishes. According to recommendations of cookery specialists the best way to preserve useful properties of vegetables is boiling. Nevertheless, commonly vegetables acquire significant shades of flavor while roasting. Adding of various spices allows to cook the tastiest main dishes.


What can feast your eyes and warm your soul? What can cheer you up when you are blue? What do you always need for special occasions? The answer is a cake - the one and only. But the store bought cake is like a little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead: When it is good, it is good indeed, and when it is bad, it is horrible. So why leave the baking in someone else's hands if you can take a challenge and make your own cake that tastes delicious and looks gorgeous. More over it is tried and true and does not require a leap of faith. You can make a carrot cake which is considered by many to be the most favorite one. It is clearly the simplest and yummiest cake to treat your kids and family during the weekend. Although if you want to win somebody's heart, you will need something grand like the red velvet cake. It is perfectly moist and soft with a slight tang and not overly sweet, just so tempting. Those two cakes are the traditional ones, however nowadays we are offered hundreds of recipes to choose from. If you are busy as a bee and have just a little free time you can always rely on browny. This is an ultimate choice for a party or a picnic. How about a cheese cake (which has even no-cook version) - with a creamy top and buttery biscuit, who can resist such dessert? If you are afraid of endless recipe you can try to bake a muffin. It is easy and handy in many unexpected situations. There are even flourless cakes for those who count calories. These are incredibly light. You can use fruits and jelly on a base: on one hand it is tasty, on the other hand it looks colorful and appetizing.

Most people have a sweet tooth, so without doubt you will please your family, your guests, your loved ones and even your neighbors with a homemade cake. And to be honest, most of them are a piece of cake to make. It is more important to create your masterpieces with love and imagination.


The rhythm of modern live is so hectic and intense, that one should manage time carefully. New age offers so many possibilities, that no one is willing to waste his or her time on cooking. It does not seem to be real much of a problem, since there are countless cafes and restaurants, with great choice of fast food of whatever cuisine one can imagine. Yet it is not for nothing, that fast food is also referred to as junk food. Staying fit and healthy without busying oneself with food preparation can be real pain in the neck (if not the stomach).

It is obvious, that if you want something to be done well, you should do it yourself. It is also no secret, that the most ingenious ideas are also the simplest ones. These hold true for this case as well.

To spend less time on cooking you may consider something easy and basic. And what can you possibly imagine, that would be more basic, than ordinary sandwich?

Sandwich sounds somewhat unsophisticated and plain, dull and uninteresting. And still there is plenty of potential in its simplicity. Being actually two slices of bread with some sort of filling (which can be made of one or multiple different products) in between of them, this minimal excuse for a dish hides amazing diversity and versatility. Due to the fact, that there is no recipe which could be considered "original" or "traditional", the number of possible variants is limited only by resources of your own imagination. And, depending upon the ingredients you use, it can be almost effortlessly converted into a solid meal or a quick snack, a main course or dessert, something plain and modest or an exquisite delicacy. Simplicity also gives you as much freedom for experiment, as you desire, giving you an opportunity to become an artist without contributing too much labour in it. Try out all possible combinations and make your own menu of sandwiches!


What do we call sauces? Sauce this is a liquid with a set of seasoning, thicker than gravy. Sauces are able to give piquancy to the dish flavor and impressive taste, to increase its nutritional value and whet the appetite. Besides you can use one ingredient and may prepare various sauces according to your taste. Each sauce is made up of two parts - basic and additional (flavor). The first part includes a liquid (meat, vegetable or fish broth or cream and milk), vegetable oil or butter, flour and eggs. The basic cooking time for this part is about 80-90%. Don't use too much flour with a liquid because the sauce will be rough, but if you use a larger number of eggs and oil or butter it will be delicious sauce.

The second part of sauce consists of various additives - flavors, aromatics and colorants. The main seasonings are the horseradish, mustard, tomato paste, mashed apples, fruits, plums tkemali. The main spices include garlic, pepper (black and red), dill and parsley, nutmeg, ginger, marjoram etc. For sauces are also often used mushrooms, olives, onions, capers, wine, lemon juice.

As to the mixture, the sauce must be aromatic, sweet, viscid and homogenous, without lumps and clots. To avoid scum on the surface of the sauce you must put down pieces of butter on the surface. Or you can skim and filter the sauce.

The color of sauces can be light and dark (white and red), and the temperature of hot and cold. If you want to give a specific color you can use the carrot or tomato juice, orange peel or dried lemon peel, mushroom broth, various herbs. Hot sauce recipe based on fish, meat and mushroom broth. Milk, egg-oily and cream sauces also refer to the hot sauces. Cold sauces are a well-known mayonnaise, various salad dressings, sauces based on fruit and berries.

Usually cold sauces served with a cold collation, hot - to the hot dish and sweet sauces - to the sweet. Insipid dishes usually served with piquant sauces and to the dishes with a specific taste - white (milk or cream) to mitigate the taste of food, reduce a strong smell.

If yo'll follow these simple rules you will prepare the most delicate sauce in the world.


Nowadays, any holiday can't be without the traditional appetizers. The main task of snacks is to whet your appetite before the main meal. It has long been known that a good appetite aids an excellent digestion. That's why appetizers play such an important role in our life. Usually appetizers served to the table before the main dish, that's why you should not do them very nourishing.

There are great number recipes of appetizers. Classic American appetizers are very popular nowadays, so the most popular of them are: deviled eggs, chicken garlic bites, sausage balls, baked potato skins, cranberry feta pinwheels, mini tacos, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, jalapeño bites, baked zucchini, mini pigs in a blanket, spinach pinwheel, crab rangoon, mozzarella sticks, onion roll, egg rolls, spinach balls, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, fish and crescent rolls, BLT bites, onion brie, cucumber and cream cheese appetizers, roasted garbanzo beans/chickpeas, portabella pizzettas and others.

The abundance of recipes for appetizers gives every housewife the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and cook on holiday and weekday different appetizers to any taste. Nevertheless, it is worth to notice that more and more people prefer not to cook at home but go and eat out in different restaurants and cafes where they can choose any appetizer.

Nowadays, appetizers are perceived as a compulsory accompaniment to alcoholic drinks. And when we mention the festive table they are considered to be a necessary attribute to the main dish. Usually, light snacks are served to alcoholic beverages. In this case, the appetizers even include the usual pieces of sausage and cheese. Appetizers can be hot and cold. Hot appetizers are preparing quite interesting and unusual and can beautifully decorate your holiday table. In addition to that, you have to remember, that the basis of tasty and healthy appetizers is in fresh and healthy products.


Today, when people hear the word "salad" they imagine the dish which consists of various ingredients such as: cooked and fresh vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, beans, potatoes, eggs, cucumbers, cheese etc., which are mixed or arranged in layers and dressed with various sauces or if you like you can use vegetable or olive oil or mayonnaise or just vinegar. Usually, salads serve with traditional mayonnaise, but if you prefer an oil, than it is better to take an olive oil, that is very good for your health. In other words, the salad is a mixture of some cold products mixed and seasoned according to the recipe and you taste.

However, the salad initially was made only from plant foods such as green leaves which were growing in the gardens. The first salad recipe originates from ancient Rome, includes ingredients such as onions, parsley and endive. Endive is a type of a plant with crisp bitter leaves that is eaten in salads. Traditionally this mixture seasoned just with salt and pepper, sometimes honey. After a while, salads appeared in France, where they were spicy and original dish served only to roast meat. A little later, French chefs have decided to add to the salads various vegetables. Thanks to their courage we can find in salads cabbage, peppers, celery, cucumber and asparagus.

Only in the 19th century salad recipes became include other root vegetables. In addition, some chefs decided to complicate the composition of ingredients and salad dressing. Hence, people became dress the salad with a variety of sauces, including the famous mayonnaise. Typically, vegetables which were growing in soil used in salads only boiled.

Today, there are hundreds of different recipes for salads, from the simplest one which consists of 2 or 3 components to the most complex (puff, exotic cocktails). Besides, you can mix different ingredients for you favourite salad, or and you can lay the salad in layers. One of the types of salads is so-called hot salads.

The main advantage of salads is that they can be quickly prepared. In addition, there is no need to warm salads before you serve them to the table, and their components contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals which is necessary for every person. Perhaps each housewife has her own recipe of a brand salad.